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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Tv series from the 60s and 70s. Season 1, 1st episode shows a tractor looking thing with very wide tracks. They refer to it as a snowcat.


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Haven't seen too many TV references...I do recall an episode of House (Season 4?) where a scientist in Antarctica gets hurt/sick. The beginning scenes had a Tucker in it...

found this from house:




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Thanks for the tip. I did watch and saw a nice looking ST4 on and off for a few minutes. The snow trac was labeled "Alaska Moose Foundation," and they were talking about maintaining moose trails to avoid moose/auto collisions.

ALASKA: Most Extreme. Tonights episode shows a Snow Trac in action! Episode name is 4/16/2009.


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Here is a copy of an email I received on the topic!
"My name is Craig Walker (fleepavement) and I volunteer with the Alaska Moose Federation. ( We currently are working ST4 #1776 as seen on the Discovery Channel last week with Gary Olson operating.
We are rebuilding SM #1011 also for support work. There are a couple more we may resurrect and we'll keep you informed as things progress. Additionally in the fleet so far are a Tucker 2000 and a Bombardier 400+. The basic idea is to keep Moose off car hoods by providing alternate trails and browse along portions of areas heavily used by both parties. The larger units establish the system and the smaller maintain it and provide support.

We are impressed with the wealth of information on this site and are still trying to read all of it.

I'll try a link for a photo of the Tucker and ST4 here.."

Thanks for the picture and please post us some more information! Heck, I bet some on here in Alaska might even volunteer! ????


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Guys, if you want to see the episode of Galactica where the Thiokol based "Landram" is used, you can watch the full movie here for free:,_Part_I/Watch

In case that doesn't work, you can always go to and search for "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I", there are several options where to see the movie.

Unfortunately, as I'm living here in the 3rd world country I can't see the movie - its only viewable in USA :angry3:

If someone knows where to get the movie-file, please let me know :w00t2: I would really like to see it!


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Recently saw the end of a 'comedy' called Ski School. Near the end, there was a shot of a snowcat at the top of a hill covered (completely) in balloons. The movie didn't hold my attention enough to figure out why the cat was covered in balloons. A little later you can see a little bit of a side shot that reveals it to be a Thiokol Spryte.

Dang it, I guess I should have watched it...



There is two tuckers in the movie Malone starring Burt Renolds. A nice yellow 443 with a blade looks to be 1950s, and a orange 443 too hiden in the back to tell much more. They are shown through out the whole film arround the gas station. I couldent figure out how to copy the picture from the movie. Maby someone could poast it or tell me how to.


I just took a pic of my computer screen it was the only way I know how to do it. I'm sure there is better angles to view it in the movie but I didn't want to watch it all again.


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Snowtrac Nome

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thats cool nome is not a major city but i am also driving it around town with no troubble from the law but snow machines and quads also trive around our city streets


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While not technically a snowcat, the plot for "WHITEWASH" (2013) revolves around a Bombardier SW48 (or 52?).

"Thomas Haden Church stars in this darkly comic thriller about a snowplow driver who, after accidentally killing a man, attempts to escape the cops by fleeing into the harsh Canadian wilderness."

Here's the trailer: