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Snow Wheelin--- Really?


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So, I couldn't help but post this... it's like driving a nail with a wet noodle when a snowcat would be the Paslode of nailers. Yea, I get it... many of the same characteristics of those of us enjoying back country snowcat adventure. But still... just seems not only ridiculous but stupid to be quite frank. Out in the middle of nowhere at night, sideways on a mountain without a road in several feet of snow about to tip over. It's just a shame to see such effort result in so little progress when machines are made to overcome these conditions... yea, get out there prove it in a Jeep, overcome nature, go where it shouldn't be possible with 4 wheels, etc...but sheesh. :doh:

On the other hand...bravo that they are able to do it and tell the tale without frostbite, losing machines (at least not in video), etc...



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Figure the red CJ probably cooked the engine the way it was smoking. There is no point in tearing up trees and machines like that. Good skidder trails at least are somewhat level and you can stay on them.


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Every spring there is some nitwit who thinks it would be fun to drive their truck up the snowmobile trail on my land. It's cost me quite a bit of money and labor because they are sinking into the ground in melted places causing ruts and altering the runoff pattern.

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everyone keeps asking how fast a snow cat can go at the pace those guys are going even a krusty could run circles around them