Snow Trac two band ice scrapers

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ST4B's had an optional ice scrapper that was never offered on an ST4....And they work well enough!

My machine had them when I bought it. Another member here requested phots of mine, and how they are mounted. I thought maybe other would like to see how they are made and attached. they really seem to work well, as I checked, but never had to clear my sprockets of ice. The clearance at the tip of the scraper is only about 1/8". I have to credit Joe Smolar (He restored this machine some years back) for this modification, although he may have had some help, maybe by our illustrious member Lyndon....




I hope others here will find this a usefull addition, if your having problems.

Best regards, Kirk


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What about big wheel ST4s?

Just my opinon

The Ice Scrapper is ONLY for the Snow tracs with Two 2 band rubber Track (with big wheel or with the set of the boogie wheels)

The Snowtracs with Three 3 band rubber Track had deferend type of Sprocket, and they dont need the Ice Scrapper.



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UNLESS you have a frankencat with two band, bigwheel. Then you need the scraper, but good luck mounting it. I've seen a couple one conversion and one of the MacLarty assembled ones.


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Nope, our 1958 two track ,big wheel Frankencat moved to Montana


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Would the two band work better if you removed the rubber covered center piece and made them an open cage like the 3 band or would the ice still build up on the brake drum?


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Found this thread last year after having a close call with ice buildup, so thx to 300 H&H and JmVT for the info. Needed to do SOMETHING.
Machine looks to have had something installed on left side only (the orange bracket), maybe it was for a scraper long gone. I don't trust my welding enough to place steel angle iron anywhere near the cogs, so used leftover plastic from sprocket project .

Also tried the playing card in bicycle spokes idea to scrape track underside before snow got to idler or sprocket.

good luck to 3512b...
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