Snow Trac Bronze Sprockets production run


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I am getting ready to have some bronze sprockets for the Snow Trac cast.
Can cast both types. I am not planning on keeping a set on hand and do not know when i will be having some cast again. If you want a set, let me know.
$300 each sprocket plus shipping. Shipping was about $100 Fed Ex to NY from WA state a few years ago.

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all right snow trac, two banders..... here is your chance to stay bronze.

the 3 band molds I am trying to get quoted will make usable sprockets. but at this price point this is the way to go.

If we get our manure together. It is likely we can catch one of the tucker tuggers coming to the vintage snow cat clowder.

Here are the photos. notice the internal locating surfaces are not tabs. You will need to relieve your drum or spin these sprockets or hand fit with a grinder the sprockets are a great solution.

I don't think it would take much to have a shop spin them in a lathe.

My understanding Bomb is willing to have a run done and it will be awhile before this will happen again. Get in touch with your inner hoarder and post up.