sno(w) cat serenade, march 10-16, 2021


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Not a Rocket Sled...yet. Maybe a Sprocket Rocket?


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Surfer , your not the only one who's had this same tragic event happen to you ... I feel your pain and will share my pics and hopefully a beverage with you some day . I never even got to drive mine when the inevitable happened to me also . Others from the Midwest Cat clan know what I'm talking about- I escaped without injury and that's how my cat story began . Chin up and grousers down friend ?
Well folks, as most probably know by now the Sno-Surfer family had an unfortunate event on our way to SVS2020. The family is just fine although a little shook up, but cat didn't make it to the event. I lost control of the trailer and it flipped on the side of the hwy. I don't want to mess up this awesome thread with pictures of the carnage but needless to say it was gut wrenching to see it.
The overwhelming relief that we were all just fine and the support and major (and I mean major) help from the catting community, we decided to go on to the event and we are real glad we did. Although we didn't get to socialize as much as we wanted, we sure had a great time, we really did. My crew loves the SV life. It was our first real vacation since last years abrupt shut down.
The day we came out with the catters on the east side of Baker creek was just what we needed. What a day. It really couldn't have been better given the circumstances and was certainly the group I needed to be around at a time like this. Thanks all for letting us hitch rides and tag along and for not pummeling me with snowballs.
I've told many people about how this catting idea has turned out beyond my wildest dreams. Starting with a wild hair idea to buy a vw powered cat and having no idea if I could even use it around here to going to cat gatherings in SV, Mccall, Timberline, campouts, local gets togethers, volunteering for the forest service and helping out our local search and rescue group whenever needed. Who knew there was this secret society of madd catters? I'm not sure there was one but there is now and if you know, you know, they are some of the best people I have met. Just an amazing, interesting, generous, fun group to be a part of. To spend a day out with this group anywhere is like a weird, wild dream come true. Who could have guessed we'd be having an amazing lunch way up in the Sawtooths in perfect weather with a bunch of other madd catters?! I'm still in disbelief how dreams I didn't know I had, have evolved into a reality.
So from the Sno-Surfer family, we cannot thank Pontoon Princess enough for all the effort and organization to put this event on. I know it's no easy task to herd cats but she has pulled off things that leaves my head spinning (and spinning). Miracle worker, dream maker, nothing is impossible, get'er done attitude is so inspiring to me and we all have benefitted so much from her, a simple thank you will never be enough.
I also want to throw a huge shout out to the help and offers of help over the weekend to deal with the cat as it made all the difference on the drive home with the family. Gmoose, thanks for offering to help, no idea how much I appreciate that. 1Boringuy, thank you for taking this to your yard for further dismantling. Sno-Drifter and PP, well, there's nothing I can say that will show my appreciation to you both for everything you have done for me, it's pure generosity like I've never experienced and I'm not sure how I will ever be able to repay you both.

The Sno-Surfer family isn't done catting. There wasn't a minute where I thought about hanging it up but also didn't know how long/how much it was going to take to replace it. I was mentally cancelling all the spring plans I had (and by the way, it's epic catting around here right now). But there might be some miracles happening so stay tuned....
There's really a lot more to say but I think I'll finish this and post some of the happy pictures from the weekend. We really did have a great time and looking forward to next year already.

And thanks to It's all about downhill for skiing with us. My poor kids were taught to ski by a snowboarder and I know it shows! The tech tips were really well received and exactly what I can't teach them. They all talked about it on the way home and said it was very helpful. We will remember skiing SV with you and Bonnie always, it was a great day.

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