Shingles Vaccine ==> Damn

I've never had shingles nor the vaccine and I'm 82, a friend in a weak moment did the shingrex a couple months ago and she is into 2 months of horrible side effects.... Injecting toxins into my body in any way is not a healthy route as I see it.

What she is doing now to keep the side effects manageable is taking Oscillo homeopathic about every day....keeps her sane.

I use "calming" supplements to keep my body out of stress favorite is Inositol and a friend really likes L-Theanine for her body.


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I'm digging up a thread from this summer but vaccines are in the news so this might be a bit relevant. My doctors (2 of them) advised me to NOT get the 2nd dose of the Shingles Vaccine after my reaction to the vaccine's first dose. They said that the 2nd dose would be as bad as the first, possibly worse.


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In the last month I have had my flu shot and my second pneumonia shot. I didn't have a problem with either. My arm was a little tender for one day. When I get my COVID shot I should be damned near bullet proof.

The only vaccination that I can remember having a problem with was the smallpox vaccination when I was a kid. My left arm was swollen, hurt like hell and hung useless by my side for 2 weeks before it started to get better. Since smallpox was wiped out I don't think that they bother with that one anymore.


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Ya know Bob that things happen in three's, I don't want to jinx you but with the table saw incident you are on #2 of self inflicted injuries.;)