Separating the upper and lower Spryte frames


I am trying to get my Spryte prepped for shipping. We have a 4000 pound per piece weight limit.

It looks like the lower frame with the axles can be easily separated from the upper frame that has the body and powertrain.
Does that sound like a feasible approach?


I now have the shop manuals. It looks like there are 12 mounts we need to take care in addition to small things like shifter cable, a few wires, remote oil filter, etc..
Does that sound right?


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See if you can scrounge up about 18 inches of multiconductor color coded comm cable-the skinny stuff. Pull one strand out, cut in half to tag disconnects.

also take many pics.

good luck
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The top half includes the engine, trans and all the wiring.
We got lucky really with the weather as it was only in the 20s and while windy, it wasn't that bad.
All told there were 21 bolts we had to undo and none required more than a 24" breaker bar.

Now we wait to see if they can get these smaller pieces in the plane!