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Sending a couple of my kids up to an Olympian for training


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I have 2 epee fencers that I don't have the real skills to help.

In fact nobody at my club has the skills to help. One is a H.S. senior and the other spend 2 years with the US Marine Corps beating responsibility into his head. He is now far more mature.

I regularly work with an Olympian who was the coach at Cambridge University in England, then came to America an coached at Notre Dame. He coached some of the fencers in this year's Olympics. So this guy is far more legit than me. I'm just a fencing dad who got a gig in a basement club. But I know people. So I have become friends with Olympian who is the best coach of any sport I've ever seen.

Today at the high school I had a long serious conversation with one of our Epee fencers. She can benefit from leaving the school team and going with this coach. Of course this depends greatly on if she can keep her liberal mouth shut. The Olympian is from a former Soviet bloc nation that was under the brutal thumb/boot of the Soviet Union. So we shall see how this all pans out. But I hope it works great.


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Good j0b. You helped set them up with this opportunity. Hopefully they take full advantage. Kudos to you Bob. You do good work with these kids. :tiphat: