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thinking this could be a version of soap box derby for the winter, going to build the launcher .... anyone else up for a little fun, build a sled and see ya in sun valley, what could possibly go wrong

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Not interested in doing it myself but I may have something for sale that could help build it.
There's reference to rubber bands but not much on specs here.
I have some heavy shock cord (think bungee cord) that I bought for projects around here, mainly a braking system for a zip line I built (for which it worked very nicely).
I'd guess that if pulled tight, it could be pulled tight enough to use for the launch (think of your bungee cords you use for strapping things down and how quickly they release).
I used probably 50' for the zip line but have a lot left. Here's what I bought (minus that 50').
5/8" by 100'
1/2" by 100'
3/8" by 300'

PM me if interested.


I would substitute the iron runners with nylon. Looks fun!

When I read the name of the post, I thought for sure it would read something like 1 seat belt, 650g KNO3, 350g sugar, 100g sulfur, 10g iron oxide carefully wet mixed and blended over low heat........

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getting started on my rocket snow sled this afternoon, will post pics of progress, I encourage others to do the same, I hear the Idaho boys are planning to take home the trophy...