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We are visiting a cousin in Columbus, OH. Overnight we got 1.5 to 2” of snow and the whole city of Columbus is shut down. All the schools are closed. Apparently they have 1 plow?

There is 1 guy shoveling the hotel parking lot by hand! I asked if they had a snowblower or anything and he said he was lucky to even find a shovel.


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Isn't anyone else receiving snow??? Here is a satellite photo taken on Thursday. We may have gotten 100" in the past 1.5 weeks.


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Lake snow here has largely shut down. Here is a few photos taken this week and more can be had on our dogs blog.. Top photos was at the NFS Winter Survival and Off Trail Snowmobile Training course we took. Part of the course was how to get you snowmobile unstuck and they all did get stuck but there wasn't enough for our Boss to be impeded.

The creek gorge we are skiing down is a flowing creek.
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Springfield MO + 9.0"

St Louis MO 7.0"

Both well north of Mississippi
You're right Cidertom ,,;Whacky

This is what they call climate change???? Are the oceans rising ?


Greenland is getting warmer but Mississippi is freezing it's nuts off. Which is why they don't call it Global Warming anymore.