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Removing fiberglass splinters from surface


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OK, I've been cleaning up my shop. Pulled out an old 16' fiberglass CB antenna that was covered in dust.
Went to clean it and could feel the fiberglass splinters coming off the surface and into my hand.
Same happens when handling fiberglass driveway markers and old fiberglass ladders.

Is there a good technique to remove those splinters? I was thinking of running a propane torch over it but fiberglass is pretty resistant to heat. Ideas?


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handled multiple marine 'incidents' like this - the UV has destroyed the top layer of resin - which flakes off and allows the fibers to stick out . . .

any abrasive (the suggested fine steel wool works great) to knock/break off the fibers, followed by a thinned down top-coat of resin will work..... for about year..... then you're back to fuzzed up square one....


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Try some Flood Penetrol for oil base paint. I've used it on several outdoor metal items as a primer and hasn't peeled after several yrs. Can't say how well it will work for flexible stuff like fberglas. I always spray or brush it on straight. It's usually available at Lowes in the paint department.