Rehab and Initiative Project - 2016 Harley Slim FLSS

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As I get better, I’m spending more time in the garage. I’ve extinguished all my AR parts resulting in 8 builds in the last 2 months sooooo I bought a motorcycle to tinker with and keep me busy. Don’t get me wrong my own business is doing very good and my subs are handling it but after this stroke and meningitis, I’m doing something to look forward to.

i found a 2016 Harley Slim FLSS. (first 2 pics) It has a bobber look with a Stage 1 110” Screaming Eagle motor tuned with a TTS Mastertuner. It should pull pretty good! Original thought was full monte bobber with ape hangers (third pic) and relocate some lights Until my buddy suggested an engine guard until I get going to protect the bike if I drop it. So I went looking for a engine guard and found a retro style bike (forth pic), now I’m reconsidering my full bobber look. Whatcha thinkin?


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