Our New Old Place

Gary O'

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Bought a place in town
Moved from our mountain cabin

Quite the adventure for a couple ol' geezers
Yes, we did all the moving
No help
No need

Rather shocked at how much fixers go for, after living at the cabin for almost six years

Got this place for less than $100K
(comps were going for $40-$60K five yrs ago)
Mortgage int is @ 2.7% fixed
Rather happy about that

Here's some initial pics

Gonna call this 'before' (late 2020)

our 1928 crate project.jpg

It's solid
just ugly

We're exhausting our aged imaginations on how to dress this beast up without investing too much

The back yard is roomy
and fenced
That's pretty much all the positive I can think of

Oh, and our back door neighbors are rotted souls in a pioneer cemetery

When we first saw the place, I thought it was a par five hole of a golf course
Heh, talk about slow play....


First thing I did was build a screen door for the back deck

screen door.jpg

screen door.jpg 2.jpg

They're always a fun build

More in a bit
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Gary O'

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The back yard is a lush carpet....of weeds
Green weeds in early spring
Brown weeds in summer
I hate mowing
So, I don't water
One day it'll all be garden anyway

Built raised beds our first summer

raised beds.jpg

raised beds 2.jpg

Filled 'em with a soil compound called '6 mix'

The beds are quite productive



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Gary O'

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Next was a garden shed, since I turned the garage into a shop

A kinda fun little build
Except the ground here is much akin to petrified cement
Had to use a mattock to bust it up for level

breaking ground.jpg

garden shed before paint.jpg

garden shed b4 paint 2.jpg

Noticed a lot of town deer

Not as big as the mulies up at the cabin
almost as plentiful
Never seen blacktails so docile town deer.jpg
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Gary O'

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This was the summer of 'paint the place'

'Eastern bamboo'
it's a mild green
Beats that shade of grey

Trimmed the windows with stained wood
Don't really wish to make the place 'pop'
Just wish for something not an eyesore

I'm not unhappy with it

before paint
before paint.jpg

after paint
after apint.jpg

after wood trim
window framing.jpg


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Question: Out of curiosity, when you decided to move back on grid from the mountain, was it the fires, too hard or something else.

Gary O'

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Question: Out of curiosity, when you decided to move back on grid from the mountain, was it the fires, too hard or something else.
Were a strong consideration
There were two pretty close ones, that if the winds were wrong, we'd no longer have our cabins and shop
or trees
or undergrowth
The undergrowth up there was critical
Without it, you pretty much have a dust (pumice from mt Mazama) bowl
Some folks, approx three miles from our place, meticulously removed all the undergrowth
Making it a 'park like setting'
Wasn't long before many dump beds of gravel trucks were making their way to their place
They thought a grass lawn would be nice
The sod does not survive for long up there
Heh, townies

But, yeah, fires
Even if they weren't all that near or threatening, the smoke 24/7 for days/weeks was suffocating

Hard living
I most enjoyed that the first couple years
A bit of a challenge
Long term, the chores became redundant
Hauling water is steady
Chopping wood was my workout
The 14 cord attested to that


I do miss that

But, after almost six years, it no longer was a challenge
Especially after building the cabins and shop
One can only take so many photos of 'the pretty snow'....for nine months of the year

Something Else
My wife's hernia and driving the 50 miles at 80mph around midnight, during deer migration, became a consideration

Yeah, there were times
But we knew that goin' in

We were quite the exemplary 70 somethings
Kept a tidy camp
Built solid but aesthetically pleasing cabins

first cabin.jpg

The renegade 30 something off gridders were somewhat in awe

I think, overall, it was no longer a challenge

I do miss it from time to time

Especially the wildlife
Bear, big cats, wolves

Heh, last week my son advised me a bear got into the trash can shed
Did the usual, tear things up
Strew it all around
amble off

Built the trash can shed to keep bears out
....actually to just slow them down a bit
(Nothing keeps bears out, nothing)

I purposely designed that short shed with lightly built doors
Keep the bear from shredding the whole shed
Can't actually keep bear outa anything if they want in

trash bin.jpg
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Gary O'

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While I was playing away in the shop, my lady was canning
aaaand, made a plate of dried kale

Heh, this stuff is NOT filling
Much like eating cotton candy
'cept it tastes a whole bunch like bacon!

Dried Kale
a bit of oil ('rub all over the leaves)
put on a cookie sheet
sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic
and parmesan cheese
in oven at 170°F 'til crunchy' (approx an hour or so)

I'm planning on having it with some eggs tomorrow morn
(I'm hoping at least the eggs are real)