On eBay -- 1977 Thikol Imp Widetrack snowcat


Saw this on eBay today. Item number 170138278892

eBay said:
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1977 Thikol Imp
This machine was picked up in S. Tahoe last year for a job I was doing up here in Washington state. It is a two seater w/ a 4'x6' flatbed Everything works great. The engine is a Ford 300. I put a new fuel tank and winch on it last year. Also, a rebuilt carburator. This is a widetrack model w/ standard tracks. It has a lot of power for its size and is very impressive as where it will go. Pictures are available upon request.

Thought someone here might be interested in it.


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A "wide track model with standard tracks"? Does this mean a 1450 Super Imp with lenghtened 1404 narrow tracks? Obviously has the drop center cleats. 300 cu in Ford?, mis-identification or transplant? Use caution...


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There's something strang about that ad! There is no way a 300 Ford would fit in an 1404 Imp. Even if it did it would destroy the Clark 4 differential. However, it does look like a very nice Imp!

Snowcat Pat

My brother lives in Deer Park, 120 miles from me. I can go check it out if any one is really interested. As for me I spent all my money on Thiokol parts, but I can still wish.
Pat Foster
Wallace Idaho