Newest addition to our family


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My son and his wife welcomed a little baby boy to their home. Little guy has had a rough time. Six weeks before due date her blood pressure spiked high enough it could have caused a stroke. Of course that stressed the baby. Dr's said that the little one could be born any day, but of course they tried to delay it. He was just too early. Well he didn't want to wait and on May 20th he made his debut. His lungs were way under developed so he had to be on oxygen and a CPAP machine and was on light therapy. His oxygen level was not going up at all. Otherwise he seemed healthy. My daughter-in-law was not able to hold or feed him. Then a few days later something didn't look right so they did an EKG. It seems his heart has a pinhole between the top two chambers of his heart. They are sure this is not keeping his oxygen level low. His lungs are just needing time to mature. After 30 days in the hospital, the Dr's talked to my son and his wife about taking him home. But he'd have to still be on oxygen and connected to all sorts of machines. They had to take a CPR course and videos of all the different machines. So after 33 days little Brantley Alan came home. My wife and I have not been able to see him. What with his limited visitation in the hospital and my recently fractured hip. That car ride would not be very pleasant for me.
But he seems to be doing fine at home. Momma is doing great. No matter what time of day or night he always has a grin on his face.


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Re: Newest addition to oue family

Awwww, he's adorable!
Hopefully very soon you'll be able to see him, Jerry.


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Congratulations to all and glad that the little tyke is doing better. Hope that you are well enough to travel soon and go visit.


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Brantley is doing great. Still connected to several machines 24/7. Growing like crazy. Here's an updated pic, him being goofey


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