New Years Resolutions; What's yours?

Wishing a happy and prosperous New Year in 2020 to all!!!!:clap:

May you be in good health and spirits all 366 days of 2020. My health my fail but trust me, I will indulge in spirits daily.

Mine is not to make any resolutions this year. Then I don't have to apologize next week for failure.:bolt:

List yours here;:thumbup:
Happy New Year, Franc and everyone!

My resolution for the coming year is to never look back, keep on the new path.
Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.
:thumbup: :smile:


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Happy new year's everyone. I don't really put any stock into new year's resolution's. I just try to live every day being the best I can be and doing the best I can do. It's all I can do.

I live day to day. This morning I woke up in pain the same as yesterday and the day before. A number on a calendar isn't going to change that. I'm just glad all this Christmas/new years stuff is over for another year.
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You missed the party at my place!


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