New members sometimes are not what they seem to be


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Daryan12s reminds me of Olivia24. Olivia's IP was from VA. Daryan12s is from:

Continent: Europe

Country: Belarus

State/Region: Minsk City

City: Minsk

I'd guess her profile pic is not her. Kids or old farts are doing what they call cat fishing to get folks hooked on them with BS.
Be careful's the internet and there are a lot of sneaky ass holes out there.



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I'm glad you are observant. I wonder if a vetting process before being able to post would help....questions like, have you read the rules and do you agree with them, do you promise to respect others, etc.


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Every new member does have to check a box saying they have read the rules and agree to follow them. Most never read them ...I've signed up places and just clicked through that stuff. Guessing most everyone does the same.

IP address is one of the biggest give aways but that is not that hard to spoof. Many spammers sign up with an IP from somewhere in US and then post with IP from Ukraine or India. This XF software makes it easier to spot them than the VB software did. Thank goodness.


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