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I was at the Dayton Hamvention Friday & Saturday, and say this baby just sitting there with my name on it. :brows: Bob Heil was standing there and saw the look on my face, so he started telling me about it. I already have a Heil Pro Set boom set with the HC4 element, and love that headset. I use it for my FT-450D and my FT-817nd QRP rig, and get lots of great reports for the sound quality. When Bob got through talking about this unit like it was his new lover, I had to have one. I didn't buy it from him, but got it through DX Engineering because they had it for $20 less as a show special. I'll get Monday or Tuesday, as it was not in stock at the show. I can hardly wait to try it out. It will be used for Field Day, and I'll be willing to bet I'm the only one with a red headset.:yum:


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I knew you couldn't go to Dayton and not buy something! :whistling:

You made a good choice, Heil makes good stuff.