New boy toys: One man open air helecopter


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Looks like to much fun to me. I'd probably kill myself but I would love to fly one of these. Open air seems so free. 20k price tag ballpark.

[ame=""]Hungaro Copter Hungarian Experimental Helicopter - YouTube[/ame]

Then they also have this two seater enclosed one. Wow. I'm sure it costs more but, so nice. They call it the sports car of the sky. :thumb:

Lots of pics here:


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If I am going to die I want it to be in that single seat open air design.

I want one.

Not the fancy two seater with the semi-enclosed cabin and 8 rotors on 4 arms. I want the one that looks like a Korean War era egg beater that could chop my arms off if I lifted them too high or would cut me apart if I crashed. Yup. An honorable, albeit, bloody death for me. Probably quick too.

Where do I send my money?

And don't tell my wife ... she will want one too.


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I'll go as high in the air as you need me to, as long as I am attached to a pole and my spikes are good and secure. Other then that, you can kiss my grits in a million different ways before old TR goes up in one of those contraptions. :yum::yum::hammer:

I enjoy living too damn much.