Need Guru - Wiring 2 Way Switch to new Dimmer Hell


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Hello all,

I wired a new Lutron dimmer to fix a burned out old dimmer that was very old in a three switch box. Box looks like this is a 2 way switch setup each dimmer with two black wires and one red (load I think) as there is another dimmer in the dining room same setup. So this is what I did and not sure it is right although the lights are all working it seems at least the ones in the hallway I replaced the one dimmer on.

- Three Light Switch Box - One Dimmer burned out
- Has (Two Blacks, One Red)
Connected a Lutron (Single Pole/3 Way Dimmer it says on Box) - has 4 wires (Red/White, Green, Red and Black)
- Lutron Red/White (just capped that one)
- Lutron Green (ground) capped that with a copper lead I found in the box.
- Lutron Red to one of the Blacks in the box
- Lutron Black to one of the Blacks in the box

This is my concern the Red Wire in the box I just capped that. I looked upstairs my kids room has a newer Lutron but that is a single light switch where the Red Wire in the that box is just cut to the sheathing no cap Red/White dimmer also just capped.

Thanks for any help maybe I should do the right thing and hire an electrian :) but want to learn a little DIY.