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Name a place you've had sex

Snowtrac Nome

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in the past used every piece of furniture in the kotzabue armory. and in my younger days we did it in the back of an m113. if the tank is rocken don't come knocken


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uncertain if i said a hospital room-- deprivation leads to desperation when a visitor/love arrives--


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A friend of mine has a boat dealership and twice a year he hosts a big outdoor concert at the dealership. The place is big, concert is in back behind the building. My girlfriend and I did it in the back of one of the wake boats sitting on the lot. Later on she told me she lost her thong. We checked in the boat and walked the lot. Never found them.


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I use to work on ATMs. It was in an ATM kiosk, in a bank parking lot, on a busy street in Houston. My girlfriend at the time came there to have lunch with me after I fixed the machine. Well, I came up with the brilliant idea....and we did 'it'!


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At a five star restaurant in New Orleans- in the lady’s lounge on the marble counter.

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Sometimes they work, sometimes not.
Or they may look different, depending on what you're using.