Name a place you've had sex


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Believe it or not, that scene you describe is duplicated and a big part of a Jack Reacher novel written by Lee Child. I can't remember the name of the novel but it was a good one.

Lol really???? how did it turn out? Hopefully good lol... the things you find out at 2AM with no sleep.


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Hospital room[emoji56] lol

Hey. When you're used to sometimes 2-3 times a day and end up stuck in a hospital for a month.....

.......don't ask for details. .......


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Carlyle lake. Midday on a Saturday. Beach fullof people,,,

Boat at anchor. In the water, with her simultaneously hanging on to the rudder and my tiller.


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Up against her car in her parents yard... 10 seconds after she pulled her shorts back up her mom walked to the kitchen window...