Name a place you've had sex


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Behind a park bench in London in the rain with an elderly couple sitting on the bench chatting. When you gotta do it, you gotta do it.


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On a beach in Michigan, when I was very young.
It was the inspiration for a poem I composed many years later.
That poem is posted deep down somewhere on this forum, along with some of my other poetry.

A Shared Storm

Pelting against the window,comes the angry rain,
Tears and glow of pleasure, this act is not in vain---

Flash of light-tempest dance with us,celebrate that we are near,
Don't be jealous moonlit sky,your time will soon be here---

You shall shine- upon this pair, who now lie deep in bliss,
As night falls silently,calmed in the cool- of a midnight lunar kiss......


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Beach,front & back seat and hood of my old car, woods,side of hill,blueberry patch,beside water falls,boat,train,couch,shower,dinning room floor. Not all the same day or with the same woman.:brows::brows:


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On the beach in Freeport.
In the back of a pickup going down the highway on a camping trip.
A United flight
An American flight
A Lot flight
School numerous places.
And so on
Spanking the monkey is not considered sex. :yum:


Hay loft (3 girls together), Storage room for the wrestling mats in the high school, pool table, combine, tractor, hey wagon on a church hay ride, back seat of a 66 Mustang, back seat of a 76 Trans Am, bed of my 68 my El Camino, back seat of my 73 Z28, office of the bar I managed,office of the bar I managed,office of the bar I managed,office of the bar I many times I lost count....motor cycle going down the road...on the deck of a covered the barn the bean a corn a tent.....almost on stage in a strip stopped by the bouncer girl was ok with it...patrons were ok with it..owner was a party
A few times in front of women's husbands....It was the 70's what can I say....I was a


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John o' Groats, Scotland.
In a leaky tent with my Steven.
It was raining like hell all night and he said don't worry love, we'll be 'reet.

Next morning we were both soaked and he said my hair looked like a unicorn, because it was all sticky up.
Never did Scotland again for camping after that.


Lemme see, in the back of a Chevy van down bah the rivah..
I could go on.. lol


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Thank you Doc for starting this thread. It has brought back many, many fond memories non of which I am willing to share on this forum. Gentlemen don't talk of such things!!! :yum::yum::yum:

Besides, when I write my memoirs, you can all pay to read them. :yum:


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An abandoned area of Camp Parks, on the hood of a VW Rabbit, overlooking the federal prison in Livermore where Patty Hurst was incarcerated.


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Hey Kirk and the rest of y'all, if I knew the list included Rosy, the forum would need a bigger server to hold all the data. Just like Rosy.


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in a hospital room. that kinda took from gettin' laid as he would usually lay me, that nite.


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I miss my 59 Chev and it never looked this good - there I was.



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In a parking garage at the local mall. On my front porch. In a new boat at a dealership. I told the owner, (a friend of mine) that he needed to discount the blue one because it had been defiled.