Name a place you've had sex


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Other than the bedroom.

Easy nuff: I'll start with backseat of a car


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The lawn, surrounded by shrubbery and the garden wall.
My Englishman was rather adventurous lol


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It is funny how you can remember a place and a face but as for the name.... :yum::yum::yum:


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On my old boss's desk. From that day forward it was hard as hell to stifle the smirk on my face when I'd be in sitting in his office talking with him.


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On the beach in Freeport.
In the back of a pickup going down the highway on a camping trip.
A United flight
An American flight
A Lot flight
School numerous places.
And so on


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In a trout stream; beside a trout stream and when we were finished, looked up, and there was a guy sitting on a log, smoking a cigarette watching us with a big smile on his face (RIP, Linda); On the Marge of Lake LaBarge.
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In a station wagon, front seat, back seat and the cargo area.

Back in 6.9 when I was at Winona State I had a 59 Chev station wagon. Every night was an adventure. I knew all the backroads to the trout streams and side roads to the Mississippi. Some night's we'd drive as far as we could go, build a fire of driftwood, cook over the coals, and spend the night looking up at the stars.


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Well, pretty much every room in the house. Front seat, back seat of the car. Atv in the woods.:whistling: While out bird hunting.(more than one gun firing off that day):brows:

Oh, I know one.....bent over the hood of the vehicle up a side road beside a lookout tower.


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When we were younger lots of different places. Now we just have hallway sex. If we meet in the hall, one of us says" F**k You".