Naked Voter ~ why does it have to be from my hometown?


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Yup, the town where I grew up, where my grandparents lived, where I still have relatives, yup, we are all so proud . . .
* A woman wearing a bathrobe came to a polling location in Whiting to vote. Poll workers asked her to go home and change. She came back naked, said Bruce Lambka, Republican attorney for the elections board. Lambka confirmed the incident, but could not provide more details. Whiting police could not be reached Tuesday evening for comment.​


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They have a dress code for the voting booth? Should have left her cast her vote and leave.


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My wife is a poll worker. She said that here, as long as the voter is not wearing anything with political slogans, they can't say a word.


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Probably should be handled on a case by case basis. For example, really good looking woman, OK. Big fat bald guy, not so much.