Nail gun help please.


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I'm about to start roofing my house addition, and I believe it's time to get into a nail gun.
There's just a sea of guns out there, and my brain hurts from all the looking.
I need some suggestions please.

For starters, I'll be nailing 1/2" CDX to TJI's.
I need a very little to zero footprint left by the nailer as we're going to be using fabric and elastomeric on this roof, meaning I don't need the roofing sheets covered in dents.

I'm going to be doing a bunch of framing as well.
Is there a gun that can handle both say 8D as well as 16D nails, or would that require 2 different guns?

I have air, or electric would be fine too.



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I think you are going to need two guns if you are concerned about the depth of the nail head. I am no professional but did build my shop and the recommendations for a quality siding and sheathing gun was the Max Super Sider which is a coil nailer with max capacity of 2 1/2”. I used it for wall and roof sheathing shooting ring shank 8d and cedar bevel siding and shingles with stainless ring shanked siding nails. Framing can be done with just about anything but the standard is the Hitachi framer. This was 10-12 years ago before all of the battery/fuel cells were popular.

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Battery nailers are nice. Expensive but very handy. A contractor did work for me last year and had a couple of them. Not sure what brand they were though.

I'm cheap. So when I needed a frame nail gun I bought one at harbor freight for $89. It worked great. So I planned to use it for the dock project a few years ago. Even bought a back up in case my original had issues or was lost in the water. Did not need the back up and was able to return it to Harbor Freight no problem. We built 80ft of dock with that puppy. This is an air compressor nail gun. I tried using it with a 125psi compressor and it would work but would not sink the 3" framing nail. So I got a 150psi compressor and that does the trick. Over the past few years that nail gun has worked flawlessly. Pleasantly surprised.

For the roof you don't want dents in I would guess by experimenting and adjusting the pressure you could get it set the way you want. Just a guess, no experience with this issue.


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I have two. I had a pneumatic nail gun that I used around the house and worked great as long as you were near a power source. A lot of the stuff that I do is in repairing wooden fence around the property. Dragging a generator and compressor around in the back of the truck or the Gator was a real pain. I got a Paslode fuel cell/battery framing gun and never looked back. I can't remember the model as I've had it a number of years but it has worked great. In fact I don't even know where the pneumatic one is these days, out in the shop somewhere. I had to replace the batteries a couple of years back and they are expensive. In fact the whole set-up is expensive but oh so convenient.

Avoiding your "dimples" is just a matter of adjustment and it can change as you use it depending on many factors.


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After two days of research, and some suggestions here, I decided on a Paslode.
This should prove to be an all purpose gun.
It will shoot a round head .113 2 inch nail (roof sheathing) all the way up to a 3 1/2 .131(framing) nail.

It's paper collated, so there won't be little bits of plastic all over the place, it's adjustable, and has a no mar foot adaptor. (extra charge)
Thanks for the suggestions!


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