My Take on McCain


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:myopinion: I think that McCain is a very bitter dying old man. He knows he is dying and that there is nothing he can do to stop it. He seems to be bent on hurting as many people as he can before he dies.
He is very jealous of Trump because Trump was able to become President where McCain failed.
McCain thinks that if had become President he would a better job. Maybe he would have who knows? Since it never happened there is no way of knowing.
McCain has also blamed Sarah Palin for his loss:

McCain wrote in his book, “The Restless Wave,” that he regretted not choosing his friend, Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, as his running mate, calling it “another mistake that I made,” according to The New York Times. McCain reportedly wrote that his advisers warned him against picking a vice-presidential candidate who caucused with Democrats. –
True or not that seems to me to be a classless hurtful thing that is totally unnecessary. If for no other reason is that, if nothing else, he picked her! :soapbox:


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I do not trust the man, he speaks but you can’t trust what he says because he will change his mind for reasons known only to him.


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I think that as a citizen of Arizona like others here feel betrayed by McCain.



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My take on McCain is he's way past his prime. Mentally and physically.

It's sad when good people don't know when it's time. Be it a baseball or football player, an executive, or a politician.


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From what I've red on him, he has only managed to amount to anything because he was born into silver spoon class. His relatives were able to use their influence to both his and their best interest throughout his life. Without their help McCain on his own accord and merits would have likely never risen to public recognition.