My son made a pit for cooking over fire!


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Now isn't this awesome?
He's taken to chopping and stacking wood too.


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It looked like an awfully big/hot fire for that pot and dish.
I have a #2 Potjke that I used to use quite often.
This just reminded me I have it, and haven't used it in years.


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Joe, he's cooked over the fire for the last month or so.
Everything from brisket, to peach crisp to tortillas.
I think he said they did a seafood boil one night.
Can't wait until all this crap is over so I can go stay for a weekend.





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Food just tastes better cooked in cast iron especially corn bread! :thumb:


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PG, that looks outstanding!!!!

I love camp fire cooked meals. Unfortunately I suck at it. Well, maybe nor suck but I'm not very good. My S-I-L is pretty good but the one who is cracking good at it is my wife. It's probably on account of being Campfire Girls throughout their childhood.

Also unfortunately is the fact that we don't do it any more. Between my S-I-L's motorhome and ours we have gas and charcoal grills, electric pellet grill/smokers, gas griddles and miscellaneous other crap. About the only thing we cook over the campfire anymore are Smores.


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Very Nice! It's wonderful you are able to be sitting outside by the fire with your family.


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Thanks Frank.
Ever since Ty was small, he's been adventurous.
It was never a question of how am I going to do this, but rather where and when.