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My passenger side window is broken


The glass on my passenger side front window on my 63 601 is broken. I want to fix it, but there is no chance of bringing it to a glass repair shop, and even if I could it would be unlikely any glass guys around here would take it on. That leaves it to me. I've never replaced glass in a vehicle but as a former picture framer, I have cut and handled glass but not safety glass. I'm not worried about getting the glass cut. Its the instillation I'm thinking about. I think I should replace the rubber seal. What is best easiest seal to use? any tips?

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The rubber you buy will have to match window thickness and door thickness.Two types are normally available,self locking which is one piece and the older style that uses a strip of v shaped material to lock. Either one works fine,the two piece can overlap the ends and look nicer.I would suggest making a plywood template about a pencil width smaller than the window opening and install it in the frame first [if the glass you cut is to tight it will break during install. ] self locking rubber can be closed with any small dia. rod rounded on one end,put it in the lock groove ,fold sideways to start lock then slide around groove constantly adjusting window to starting point. Use rubber tire lube or dish soap liberally in glass channel and lock groove. Dish soap woks better but is harder to cleanup and may affect paint. The two-piece style installs the same but uses a tool that rides in the lock channel to spread it and feed the lock strip at the same time.When cutting safety glass once score is made and normally scored both sides glass is barely broke[careful ],then put alcohol in the now open score and light it. As it burns it will soften the plastic enough to separate the two pieces allowing room to cut plastic with a box knife.Hope this helps. Also if plywood template fits good cut glass exactly the same size.Whew I hate typing!!!


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I own and operate an auto glass shop.

Is the glass laminated? (just cracked like a windshield or shattered like plain plate glass?)

I would suggest that if you can remove the broken glass, carefully do so. Take the broken pane to your local glass shop to use as a pattern to have them cut you a new one. Don't replace the rubber gasket unless it is badly damaged. Putting in new rubber is very difficult unless you know what you are doing. I've seen many new glass broken that way.

This is a install of self locking gasket in a pickup


Here is a locking strip gasket



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Wes, if you are talking the windshield I have one and the gasket material as Aviator posted,

I put glass in my cat (601) and I saved the passenger side, ( put matching tinted ones in the machine)

I may have given the glass to the new owner, (If I did) I have a glass buddy who cut them for me. and I am sure I can get another. I have the tool for the rubber gasket.

I will be up in big bay and marquette over the next few weeks, I can drop the gasket and tool off it that helps you,

if you are talking about the front passenger side glass, that gasket was a bitch, CL lauence or lawerence had the gasket and I struggled mightily with that silly process. The glass cutting is the same mark the inside and tape the old one so the technician cuts it right, ask then to err on the side of smaller ;-)

Good luck I found the process rewarding.


I just got in from deer camp. I am talking about the front, passenger side window. Hot tip, if there is a branch across the trail even with the window, get out and cut it. Don't be lazy, you can't push it out of the way. I'm used to driving all steel weasels, not aluminum Thiokols. Lesson learned. Redsqwrl if you could help me with the glass I would be forever grateful. I keep my machine at my camp in Big Bay but I live in Marquette.