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Muskeg and perkins 6


Hello all,

Long time since I've been around here, we are looking to fix up a couple of classics, we have 70s J5 with a blown flathead, a late 60s muskeg tractor working but needing steering bands and 70s coach with 318 working. We are looking at moving the flathead from the muskeg into the J5 and replacing the flathead with perkins 6 out of a massy combine. The Combine doesn't have bellhousing and I'm wondering if its possible to make an adapter and if so would the orginial manual transmission be the best option.

Would also like to put 5.9 cummins in the Coach if possible.

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Perkins used in combines have a different block than Tractors do. This I know for a fact when dealing with the 4 cylinder variants.
We wanted to put one in a ski dozer.... My bet is that this well could be true for the 6 cylinder versions.

The tractor block flares out wards at the rear forming the flange for a clutch housing. Combine engines are straight sided all the way to the rear of the block. In a tractor the engine block is actually the frame of the tractor. Different block....
An adaptor might be made from a steel plate of sufficient thickness. If there are enough bolt holes at the rear of the block to anchor it well.

Good luck..