Mt. Hood play ground

Snowy Rivers

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Great video.....

Glad you had a good time.
I climbed Hood back in the mid 70's
We left town waaaaaaaay too late and we made it up through the gates when we were simply running out of day light.....
It was an awesome hike. Ahhhhh and the fumarole definitely smells like a nasty fart....

These days I can look East off my Deck and see the Mountain in all it's glory....

We did a Snowmobile in Winter camp out at Spirit Lake up by St Helens back in December 1979 (The winter before it blew up)
Met old Harry Truman at the lodge......Yesssssssssss...he was as salty a character as is reported.....actually more so.

Thank you for sharing your climb......awesome ...


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Remember leaving the Meow at 5am to catch my flight and there were 10-15 people in the parking lot gearing up. But, more impressive were the 20-30 headlamp spots already up in Palmer.