Movin Dirt !


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D5 cat dozer and it would be done already in that loose soil....Where are the rocks? I can't even dig a post hole without hitting rocks. Have 2 to put in for extra fence tensioners and will use the backhoe to dig the holes.

I hear ya Muley.
What I would give to have any place on my ranch with dirt like that.

I spent three weekends just makin' a level 40' X 60" cut 24" into the grade for the barn with my case 360. Nothing but rocks and boulders on my mountain.


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Those arent rocks and bolders.......those are good old missouri true grit!!!!!!
Ya just got to grind them together a bit...and youl have dirt!!!!!:yum:


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Well , progress continues . The block foundation is now finished with French drains and a 18" culvert behind the wall next to the cut bank to drain the runoff from the ditch . The lumber package is sitting on the trailer and I will start framing in the morning by myself. The boys are on another project for a few days , so I am going to set Mudsills and precut the building lumber so we can roll when they get time to be here . So far I have about 2 grand in framing lumber. Metal siding will be extra .

Dirt work =$2700
8" foundation14'x46' = $3000
Culverts and French drains = $500
framing material = $2000


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Rafters are now in place . Tomorrow I do some pickup work and get ready to sheet the roof . No way in hell I would have tried to do this without my trusty Boom lift . It was a life saver . Working with a 20" side wall is kinda tough . Had to do a little engineering to give some additional side load support . It was well worth it .Roof metal starts going up on Monday . Pictures soon .


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Ta Da !!!!
My part of building my RV storage garage is done :clap:. It finished out 14'x 46' long . The door height is 14'4" and is 11'6" in width . I will be able to open the Trailer slides with it stored in the garage . Total cost to build was right at $8 K . I added a 18" drain pipe the full length of the building to catch the water as it runs off the hillside . There are also 2 - 4" French drains installed too . The front of the building gave me some concerns on side shear as the building is so long and tall without any interior cross walls . I corrected this by "double shearing" the front door opening and installing a "scissor shear system" in the ceiling joist that transfer side shear load all the way back to the sheared reinforced rear wall . I had never done a shear system design like this before , but it seems to have added the side strength to the front wall I needed .
The boys should be back next week to install the steel siding on the one remaining wall that my old bones are to old to be playing with . I used my trusty Boom lift on everything else .


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Good luck to your project! You have an awesome set of equipment that are perfectly suited to your needs. I would love to see the outcomes as well!

Big Al passed away in 2015 I believe...

Checking the date of posts before you post reply is usually a very good idea. Please enjoy the tons of info here in old posts, but be aware that some are very old indeed..

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