Motorcycle AirBags ... should you buy one?


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This is a link to a 2.5 hour long podcast. There are also videos.

I've looked at, and think I want one of these things. Several brands exists. In North America the main mechanical/analog brand available is the Helite brand. As for the computer operated brands, KLIM, Dianese and Alpinestars are the best know. Personally I lean toward the Alpinestars and the KLIM brand vests. KLIM uses the In&Motion system from France, which probably has the most real world data. Alpinestars has the most body coverage with their airbag. I find the Dianese airbag to be somewhat lacking in protection coverage, especially the back and neck areas. The Helite analog/mechanical system has as much, or more, inflation than the best of the digital/computer based systems, but activates miliseconds slower and not at all, or too late, in some conditions.

Decide for yourself. Me, I'm one of those rare riders who wears full protective moto gear. All the gear, all the time. ATGATT. Most riders I see wear no protective gear at all. Just last week an acquaintance died on his HD in a single vehicle crash, he laid it down trying to avoid hitting a car. By the newspaper accounts, it was probably his fault, but he certainly paid a high price. Protective gear would very likely have saved his life.

There are SEVERAL videos at the link, plus a podcast to listen too. FOLLOW THE LINK to listen to the podcast.

Can You Justify the Cost of a Motorcycle Airbag Vest?

Airbag vests could be for the upper body what helmets are for the head. And they could mean the difference between life and death. We’ll spend a small fortune on a helmet or a riding jacket and pants, yet we have trouble justifying the price of an airbag vest. On this episode, why should we consider an airbag vest, what will it do for us, what choices do we have and what are we paying for?

Airbag garments have been compulsory in the Moto GP since 2018 and starting this year, 2021, they’re also required for riders in the Dakar. But, you could say that these are top level riders doing extreme things so that’s understandable, but will they really add that much safety for the average rider and could an airbag reduce or eliminate injury in a get-off? There are also advantages and disadvantages between the mechanical and electronic style airbag systems, and there is at least one, that you likely haven’t heard of that uses an external sensor.
Image: Craig Renneker

Image: Craig Renneker

Craig Renneker - Airbag Vest Crash Survivor​

Craig Renneker is an Adventure Rider Radio listener and he’s also a passionate motorcyclist whose done a lot of travelling and riding. He’s tried out a few airbag vests and has experienced a couple of crashes while wearing one, and on this episode Craig tells us about how he attributes surviving those crashes to the airbag vests.