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More "Phun" in Phoenix


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Phoenix Police Department officials say a man is in the hospital after jumping off the Interstate 17 overpass to flee from officers.
According to police, a suspect was reportedly throwing objects at cars near I-17 and 7th Avenue on Friday morning. He then ran onto the freeway and officers made an attempt to negotiate with him.
The suspect reportedly had a 12-inch knife during the incident and began to undress at one point.
Police say they continued to try to negotiate with the suspect who crossed over from northbound to southbound lanes of I-17. They used non-lethal force to try to subdue him, however, it seemed to have no effect.
The suspect then jumped on top of a vehicle as traffic was slowing and then jumped over a railing, falling to the 7th Avenue roadway below, according to police.
The suspect suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment.
At this time, police say there is no word on why the suspect was throwing objects at vehicles or why he fled from officers . . .
When I was trying to find that article I also found others that had jumped off freeways here:

In 2011



http://www.azfamily.com/story/21569208/man-jumps-from-i-17-overpass-dies-at-hospital in





2017 (This one only threaten to jump.)


Seems to be a local pastime. Heat fries our brains. :shitHitFan:

Maybe I should put that on my Bucket List?