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concern is that the damn cancer is back.
ct scan today doc is on wednesday.
she has had a really rare infection, took them almost a year to figure it out. has had a port in her arm for about 2 months for antibiotics.
will share the full story sometime.

for now, for those who pray, will ya?

I hate being this far away....
(she's in MN)



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Good thoughts and prayers on the way. Best wishes.

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God bless .................... this is sounding very familiar ........... :neutral:

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Best wishes and prayers from here as well...and yes this does sound too familiar......

Best regards, Kirk


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yeah. i hate cancer. it has been an ongoing theme with too many loved ones.
weary of this shitass disease.

thank you guys.
appreciate far more than i can say.


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Prayers and good thoughts from me also. Daughter had a brain cancer at 17. She's now 46. You can beat it. Tell your mom to hang tough. :flowers:


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We'd let ya ;)
Who's that beautiful elderly darling next to you in your avatar?
One of the people you care for?


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that is my buddy wolfgang. he lives at the senior highrise I worked at back home.
he lived across from one of my gals I did take care of. we would often eat dinner with him, and he and I became friends.
I always did Christmas dinners, hodgepodge of guests...more friends than family and an occasional stranger...wolfgang came once and was there every year after!

good guy.


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mom's appointment cancelled due to doc's family emergency.
will update as I am.

Truly, thanks again guys.


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The waiting and not knowing is harder than the disease at times.

yeah it sure is.

thanks baldy, tje, ohiot and anyone else I missed.
don't mean to miss, brain is just a bit frazzled.

appreciate you all more than I can say.

muleman RIP

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Well you can know you are not alone as this plays out. I am fortunate that the folks at the local cancer center are some of the nicest, most caring people in healthcare I ever encountered. It is such a change I was a little leery of them at first.


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yeah, mum has some awesime docs. her cancer doc, well I will love that man forever. when this all started in 2008, he just was incredible. he listened to her, never rushed her and when there were/are mix ups or screw ups he stepped/steps in. so despite it all, major blessings abounded.