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I'm looking at molding for installing windows. Basically two types, one where the glass sits inside the window frame and the second type where the glass overlaps the window frame.
Anyone have any opinions on which would be the better molding type?

Thank you Cletis


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I'm assuming the gaskets you are talking about have either a integral or removable locking strip and are cut to fit the opening, then set the glass it in the gasket and then install the locking strip?, if so the overlapping gasket is a little more forgiving when cutting the glass pattern but sticks out from the body a good 3/4" or more. if your glass is cut to the correct size the inside style of gasket is a cleaner look and in my opinion seals better, good luck! and use soap/water mix as lube and plastic bone tools to install the glass then seal the glass to the gasket with silicone or urethane to really keep things dry.


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Plan on using the one piece. Didn't think about the overlapping style protruding out.
Good info.

Thank you