Mobile death squads to kill sick and elderly

Do you think this will be coming here?

Mobile death squads to kill sick and elderly in their own homes leads to surge in suicide rates in the Netherlands

Around 3 per cent of all deaths in the Netherlands are now by euthanasia

The country last year introduced mobile euthanasia units

In 2002 it became the first country since Nazi Germany to legalise it

One in 30 deaths in Holland are now from euthanasia, it has been revealed.

It comes after the Dutch government allowed mobile death squads to kill sick and elderly people in their own homes.

Official figures released yesterday, showed that euthanasia deaths soared by 13 per cent in 2012 compared to the previous year.

There were 4,188 deaths by euthanasia last year – accounting for three per cent of all deaths - compared to 3,695 deaths by euthanasia in 2011.

It marks the sixth consecutive year that deaths by euthanasia have increased in the Netherlands.

The government has said that the reasons for the increase in euthanasia deaths cannot be determined with certainty.

Leading theories include a growing awareness and acceptance of the practice among both Dutch doctors and patients.

In March last year, however, Holland launched the world’s first mobile death squads to be dispatched in cases when family doctors refused to administer lethal drugs on ‘ethical’ grounds.

The six units, comprising of at least a doctors and a nurse, were expected to send the number of euthanasia cases in Holland rocketing, with pro-euthanasia campaigners saying they would end the lives of an additional 1,000 ‘borderline’ patients a year.

Anti-euthanasia activists in Britain said yesterday the year-on-year increases in euthanasia death proved argument that euthanasia was a ‘slippery slope’.

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Just as with Margaret Sanger and her dream to euphonize the "Feeble Minded" the dream of Doctor Kevorkian lives on!
This is indeed a slippery slope. Death is probably welcomed by some, and in those cases and for those people, this service can be a positive thing. (IMO) But if the government is allowed to become involved you can bet there will be abuse.
NOPE. You sit on your front porch with your guns and amo and dare them to come up the driveway.
NOPE. You sit on your front porch with your guns and amo and dare them to come up the driveway.
Man, that is 7MM mag territory when they come up out of the woods. My shoulder will hurt for a week with multiple rounds in that beast.:yum::yum:
I am now 73 years old and the last time that I went to a doctor was in 1961. That trip was for a physical to join the Air Force. I have medicare and all that I ever have used it for is a yearly flu shot. If a death squad ever comes around here there will be many doctor visits and I will not be one of the visitors. Anywhere in my house I am in reach of a loaded firearm of varying capabilities. Bringemon!!!!!!!!! Aint Skeered!!!!
Muley, save the 7mm for the longer shots & go with a .223 for most of the up close work. :whistling:
It is about 340 yds. to the woods behind the house where my lane comes out of the woods. I can shoot groundhogs at that range with it. Up close is the shotgun with slugs. Just like a deer they won't get up when that slug rolls them.:brows:
40gr hollow point .22LR... Cheap, quiet and highly accurate. Highly under rated.


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