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Marijuana stocks... any investors?

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Thinking about investing in some stock of companies either directly involved in the marijuana market, or indirectly...

Motley Fool has some recommendations, but it would cost me close to $1,500 just to find out what they know and recommend. Not much of a fee in the scheme of things, if the returns are good.

Any one here own any of these stocks? IF so how well has it been doing for you?

I do believe that it is early, and the biggest gains are yet to come, if your in the right companies.

Regards, Kirk


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A lot of countries are legalizing marijuana right now. Canada did it approximately two years ago. Also, I know that when the Netherlands legalized marijuana, the number of local smokers decreased, and it also brought a lot of tourists. Those who sell marijuana now can stop hiding from the police and started to pay taxes. I personally buy liquid for vapers from this (link removed by mod) that contains CBD oil, which helps me relax when I’m stressed. This thing is legal and has a lot of benefits. But heroin and cocaine are too much for me.


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I'm not too savy on investments. We have some but more low to mid risk. I'm not buying and selling all the time though.

As far as marijuana, I grew up being totally against the stuff and never so much as touched it until after my accident 6 years ago that left me in chronic pain. I was on oxys for over a year to help control the pain. It left me like a zombie yet did little to help the pain. They switched me to lyrica while I was in the hospital for surgery. That did absolutely nothing for the pain but as a side effect made me gain 40lbs in a few short months. I got off that and got a prescription for the medical marijuana. Let's just say that I was close to 265lbs while on lyrica when I was at my highest weight and was averaging 225lbs prior. I've been taking the medical marijuana for 2 years now and can report that I went from 265lbs down to 207lbs. I went from only being able to sleep 2hrs at a time being in severe pain to getting a full night sleep. I take a low dose thc pill in the morning that doesn't get me high and lasts 10 hours allowing me to be more active. At night, I take a higher dose thc which allows the pain to subside and makes me very sleepy allowing me to get a full night sleep.

Back to the thread at hand. I know firsthand the medical benefits of marijuana and this is coming from someone who grew up swearing I'd never touch it. So I can see it being a "thing" for a long time and a sound investment. Like I said, I was probably the most anti pot person around for a long time. I struggled without any medication for months barely able to move during the day or sleep at night struggling to come to terms with using it.

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As of yet, I have not invested in any Marijuana stocks.
In the research I have done, the volatility of these stocks and the lack of a clear path for me have me on the side lines.
Big Tobacco companies are hot on the trail of profits. My thinking is that at some point it may make sense to invest through them or any company who is an end user and markets to the Public. Production has many small players, and no clear winner to be found.
It has been some time since I investigate these marijuana stocks, and it may be time to do so once again. It is a fast changing industry, and for many investors Federal laws must change regarding legality before serious money will be invested.
Northern I am so glad these products are giving you some relief for your pains. It sounds like they suit you, and your situation rather well.
Regards, Kirk


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Altria (Symbol: MO) can you give you some exposure to the marijuana industry, as well as cigarettes, beer and wine. Nice dividend, too.


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I invested in a Canadian pot stock. Me and a group of billionaires. Stock collapsed.

I invested in MO many years ago. Made tens of thousands of dollars on that over the years. MO is solid. Minimal exposure to marijuana, however.