LSU researchers make discovery with potential to cure obesity, diabetes


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LSU Health researchers and scientists believe they have found a way to potentially prevent and treat obesity and diabetes.

The discovery came as an accident when researchers were studying the gene, Nischarin, for its other benefits.

Researchers said the gene acts as a tumor suppressor that may inhibit the spread, or metastasis, of breast and other cancers.

But while deleting the gene in lab mice, scientists found it led to mice being smaller, less obese and more glucose tolerant.

LSU researchers said in order to keep this study going more funding is needed.

They said manipulating genes is complex. If scientists simply disable a gene, it could have negative effects on the benefits the gene can provide to the body.

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So many truly great breakthroughs come about by accident. Sure hope this one is not suppressed by big pharma ....I don't trust those guys.