Looking for an opinion on a Linux distro


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I am about to build a Linux server. It is to be a small system I will most likely be the only user. The system has two intended purposes as a platform for me to learn to develop and deploy wordpress websites and for me to learn to deploy and maintain Linux servers.

I have fifty plus years in the computer industry and have been building pc systems from scratch since 1980 when they started. I am proficient in building both servers (Windows) and workstations. I grew up in the DOS days.

I need / want a lamp server. I am trying to decide between Centos and Ubuntu, but, I would consider others. So, what would you suggest?

Thank you.


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CentOS for sure. Ubuntu is popular for home workstations. For a server running apache / httpd I've used CentOS and Red Hat and would recommend either of those as the best route for you to go. www.linuxquestions.org is a great place for learning linux / unix. www.die.net has man pages and most of the command line info you will need.