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Look what followed me home ...


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Last year the wife and I both thought we were ready to sell our powerboat and move to a pontoon. But it had to be a tritoon with decent power.
We bought a brand new very nice 25ft Manitou Pontoon with a 350 Suzuki engine. Awesome set up. But wife sorely missed the cuddy cabin where she could escape the weather and make use of the facilities when needed. I missed the cruising and the way a deep V cuts through the water. So we decided to sell this slightly used tritoon.

That was in February. We had a condo reserved at the beach for the entire month of March, but I put the pontoon on the market before heading to the beach. I was shocked at the interest in the pontoon. And since i could not sell it from the beach I took names and told them when I could show them the boat. Then a week before returning a would be buyer put a non refundable deposit on it and followed through and bought the boat. Perfect.

That put me in buying mode. I had to find a boat similar to what we had before ... a mid cabin open bow 28 ft single engine boat. Sunsation 288 MCOB. I put an ad out that I was shopping for one and got a few hits. I ended up buying one that was in upper NY, near the finger lakes. Beautiful area. Anyway I drove up there yesterday and brought this baby home with me. It's a 05 Sunsation 288, very well cared for with only 196 hours on it. For comparison, the 2020 Manitou had 100 hours on it when I sold it. Here are a few pics of the boat before hooking up and pulling it to my place.



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Sweet. That's why we opted for a good fishing/cruising boat vs a pontoon. I like to fish different lakes and a pontoon would be a pain to launch and haul out at different smaller launches.


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I am happy that you managed to find a buyer for your old boat so easily. When I was selling my boat in 2003, I couldn't find a client for a very long time. The ship was in good condition; people didn't want to buy it for some reason, maybe because people were worried that there was a pandemic now and didn't want to spend money on something like that. After selling a boat, I miss going to the sea, so sometimes I rent yachts ride several times a month. It's enough for me, especially since my wife also loves such a vacation and we enjoy the sea and the views together. I would also like to buy a more modern boat for myself, but now, unfortunately, there is no such opportunity
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