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LONDON Police new tactic, using cars to run over thieves (VIDEO)


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:British_f Not so much running them over, but running them down, hitting them with their cars and bumping them off their motorcycles or scooters.

The UK and particularly London, England have experienced an epidemic of muggings by persons mounted on mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles. Until recently, the police were largely unable to stem the tide of this type of crime. Sometimes the thieves work in pairs with one person steering and the other grabbing purses or packages.

The surge may have been based on a public perception that police would rarely pursue criminals riding on two wheels. Additionally, some offenders thought that if they removed their helmet the pursuit would be immediately terminated :nono1: The Metropolitan Police in the London area has completely dispelled that belief. Metropolitan police have publicly announced that they have been and will continue to use “tactical contact” to knock a thief off the bike they are riding. Going further they released video footage of police knocking alleged offenders off their machines.

A specially trained team of police officers called Scorpion drivers have been trained in “tactical contact”. Using assistance from legal experts, policies were created and adopted by the Metropolitan police that permits this type of contact.

Since the implementation of these policies in October 2017, police have knocked 63 alleged offenders off scooters/motorcycles. Police claim they have seen a 36% reduction in "moto crime." Moto muggings were down from 19,455 offenses to 12,419. Police also say that they have reduced moto theft by 32% seeing a drop in thefts from 12,192 to 8,261.

Video is entertaining :yum: => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SxK_XMmzxo