Large "intentional" explosion, downtown Nashville, 6:25am Christmas morning


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If that’s the case, I give the guy a very small amount credit for warning of the bomb, that could have taken out a lot of innocent people.
Christmas can be a hard time for many, this year more so. He/she would have had time to change their mind during the countdown without anyone coming in, plus give people a chance to flee. Going out in a dramatic fashion is what some choose to do. 8 years ago on Christmas Eve in Webster NY a guy set fire to his house and waited for the first responders to arrive, he killed two firefighters and wounded three others before killing himself.

I hope the remains are the bombers and not someone else’s.

We should all try to appreciate every day, even if things are sometimes bad. We only get one chance at this and who knows which day is our last.


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Here is an article re the at&t communication node. It seems it could play a role in transferring info on the election audit but also is used by special forces, 911 systems etc. could be domestic, could be terrorism. I can’t find any about voting machines being there, please share if you do. Article from wgn, I don’t know their leanings if that matters


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Real farmers, and people with connections to a farm have easy access.

Tannerite is on the shelves here too. But it takes a high impact to set it off. Rifle velocity impact. Handgun won't do it. Could have been suicide bomber with a rifle and Tannerite.

Tannerite is a "cold" chemical reaction, and will not normally start a fire. It is a low speed explosion. In very cold temps it will not detonate either. I shot a 2lb charge Christmas day, and here it is still on the shelves.
Ammonium Nitrate on the other had is what my grandfather used to clear tree stumps along with a blasting cap or a partial stick of dynamite. It is the stuff used in the Oklahoma city bombing. It is a low speed explosive as well, but it is a hot reaction and will start fires. In Ag today it is rare to find, and may be regulated as well. Not sure of that.

Regards, Kirk
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