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Good Morning, Its gonna be a stormy day in south Texas......but warm......
We wont have to groom the trails today if you exclude pickin up the debres from the wrecks caused by the wild drivers here......Their motto down here is "as a matter of fact I do own the road"


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Ray, you reached back a long way to find this thread. :smile:

I agree, it's hot and summer only officially started a couple of days ago. You know that means that the next 3 months are going to be miserable. I plan on spending a lot of time away from Texas if I can find some place cooler. Even 10° less would be a Godsend.


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A thread that is older then my time here. Well, hell, I like old stuff. It's why I love you guys so much. :yum::th_lmao::yum::th_lmao::yum::th_lmao::boxing: