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My search has ended, my mule is being outfitted with HD springs, windshield, rear bumper and tail light protectors, hoping to have it home for the weekend. Just too many pros to the machine against the others I’ve looked at to not give it a whirl. Specs are in the link and they are very comparable to all the rest I pondered. The LE in the diesel DXT affords the roof, LED lights, extra auxiliary ports in second row, and fancy paint/graphics. I purchased a leftover 2017 from a dealer 5 miles from the house. I’ll fit it with plow system in the Fall. Cost was on the low end for the new units with like features I looked at, I’m sure because of the leftover status. Not including the accessories I’m adding, I purchased for $15,300 OTD. I’ll do a more detailed report once I get a few trips around the ranch with it!

Long story short the key factors for me were:

1. Yanmar Diesel
2. Offered me the most room, the tilt wheel lifts more than any other I sat in. Being a big guy this was huge, pun intended.
3. 3 year warranty
4. Conversion feature! The second row collapses to provide a full size bed.
5. EPS standard with the model

The video is of the same machine, even color, that I purchased except it’s the gasser FXT and the wheels. They don’t put the fancy wheels on the diesel DXT. Does a good job of showing the bed conversion and some of its unique design.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGlmmIQCCVY"]2015 Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT - YouTube[/ame]


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Took the new pup for a ride, new gun rack, splitting some cherry!


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