Kamala storms out after being pressed on border crisis

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8:31 min.

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Representative Byron Donalds comments on the Biden administration's lack of transparency, mixed messaging and softball media treatment when it comes to the border crisis, and reacts to the latest statements made by Vice President Kamala Harris when asked about the issue. - via STINCHFIELD, weekdays at 8PM ET on Newsmax

Now here is yet another example of the leadership of the party that lies cheats steals riots loots and burns. Democrats.
This issue will bite them in the ass some day.


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Couple of my comments on the video:

About 3:26 on the video
Some of these kids are going to have long term psychological damage from this whole debacle.

About 6:48 on the video
Somebody needs to teach her The Art of Maintaining Your Composure When You're Faced With a Barrage of Angry Press Questions. She comes across as an uncaring smart aleck. Both she and Biden are pitiful public speakers.

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The Biden administration lied to Iowa and in fact sent a plane load of kids from the border to my State. To say we are pissed is an understatement.
Look for this to be in the news....... But not if you are addicted to the MSM liars.... Who will remain silent to anything anti Biden. Fuckers.