It Was a Lifelong But Simple Dream


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True story.

AS a young child I often got to enjoy the virginal LAKE of the OZARKS back in the 1950's. Great place. Quiet. remote, beautifully peaceful.

This because a family friend owned a small resort on the relatively new lake. We spent many a summer there helping them build cabins although at 6 or 7 I was likely more of a bother than a help. Still, I learned a lot and included in that was a desire to someday own such a property.

I eventually found property but unfortunately not on a big lake. Having seen what happened to LAKE OF THE OZARKS, The Noise, the developments, the commercialization, I'm rather wary of such a purchase. Neighbors, big boats, rules regulations, building permits,,UGH!

So this 80 acre lot with a full running creek would have to do. It did have a good layout for a small lake maybe 30-40 acres, more if my neighbor didn't mind some waterfront property.

He probably didn't if it did not encroach on his beautiful waterfall, just some 300 feet off my property. There were two valleys and a dam in the right place would do it.

The property had been logged so big trees were not an issue.

I proceeded to develop my plans knowing I should contact MO conservation before damning the creek. But I had engineered a plan that would allow the flow of water to never diminish and no one would notice. So long as I maintained normal GPH water flow no one would care.

The dam complete, with no interference, I brought in a prefab house and "Walla" the home of my dream existed.

But an odd thing had happened. The water went beyond my property such that several neighbors became waterfront owners. No one complained as their properties now had higher value and were developed. The waterfall was position perfect as well so that neighbor profited via sales of lakefront homes. In fact the lake was huge, surrounded by lakefront homes, and,,,,Neighbors!"

Former pastures were now subdivisions and,,,
OMG there was, ,,,

I was so busy building my place I hardly noticed. But what I did notice was that most of them had sand beaches whereas I did not. Since there was no natural sand anywhere around, they would have had to bring it in. No problem, I ordered 18 ton of coarse sand. Delivered the next day I began using my old JD310 backhoe to create a perfect south facing beach where I could lay on a blanket with Crumpy, enjoy the sunshine amidst the sound of a waterfall some 500 feet away.

A dream for sure, come true.

But then a truck pulled up,,,
,,, with county tags.
Two guys got out,,,

They walked over to where I sat on the backhoe. "What have we here?" they asked. I said "I'm just building a sand beach like the other places. No big deal, why?"

"Because, the other "places" have formed an HOA and you have violated the covenants."

"WHAT?..... are you Kidding me?" "Gasping for breath...."I built this lake!"

"Yes, as we understand it, that it true. And without a permit" He says with far too much cheerful glee."
"But that, is not our matter here today" Since you didn't get a permit for the beach sand, it is forbidden."

"I'll apply for the permit"

"Not whilst in violation"

"Well, doesn't that tear all" I responded. " But I get it. MY BAD! However. No problem, I've got a back-hoe handy, I'll remove the sand immediately."

"Not,,,, without a permit"

It was then I awoke, in my own bed in St Peter's MO. In a pool of sweat. Yep, it was a dream.

Whatever this illness I have is, giving me that dream was a mean trick.

On the other hand I kinda liked it.
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