It finally happened, HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS, ONLINE

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Yup, it finally happened, Hemmings Motor News-online has a story this morning about snow cats, and some of our very own are quite famous now, though the writer never talked with any one from our world, he just lifted U Tube videos and used for his story, "tucker" and "sno surfer" videos from the mt hood and mc call events. oh well...
go to Hemmings motor news to get the story
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Link to the story, there are a lot of videos at the link!

Snow Going: The Vintage Machinery That Comes Out to Play When the Weather Turns Wintry​

Sure, I suppose some people like skiing and snowshoeing and that sort of thing, but let's face it: winter sucks. Salt on the roads. Too cold to work in the garage with the doors open. All the cool cars get put away. On the other hand, maybe a change of equipment is in order to get us to change our minds about the coldest season. For instance, I sure wouldn't mind taking a Tucker Sno-Cat for a spin, and I've enjoyed the vintage snowmobile gatherings (of both sled-type and Model T-type) I've attended. So while we sit through another snowstorm here in Vermont, let's sample as many different means of getting around in the snow in vintage machinery as we can think of, starting with some jaunts in Sno-Cats and similar vehicles.