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Is Robotic Process Automation the Future?

I think RPA is independent as it's about automation. Which is fine if you're a factory drone. But it doesn't work for today's generation of workers, who are used to being treated with a little more respect to feel empowered about doing a job they believe in.
The real future of better process management is making it mainstream i.e.
Easy for anyone to model and run with it, with no consultants/IT/pain involved.

Easy for anyone to track it and do it within either a UI or a tool they already use for hours every day - e.g. chat apps

Easy to get pre-canned process improvement insights through machine learning tech to help the show and fix bottlenecks

Conversational - i.e. it's not robotic but feels like a human conversation - the way people actually work today.

Showing simple, real use cases - and elevated pain to 5 years ago. An example is the gig economy - since a large %ge of people do temp/flexible jobs now and it's increasing, it's even more important now to both define and track work in a simple, agile way.

The above are critical. Without any one of them - we're just back to the tired and dead BPM of today.


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What are you really trying to ask?

Do we like robots?

Hate them?

Me personally, I really don't care either way, because I've never worked a day in any job that a robot can do, so have no deep opinion.


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My brother has made a fortune programming automation. His company continually upgrades production in auto plants all over the world.
No college degree, just a self-taught garage programmer who caught the brass ring.
He has a boat bigger than my house. Uses 6 gallons just to drive to the gas dock from his slip

I went the other way, continuing to use and produce more commonly understood mechanical machinery that any redneck can operate and fix.
Went to college and business school.
My boat is 30 ft. A sailboat that uses less than 2 gallons all season.

Most large companies are going automation because of the money, yes. But also, because machines show up every day and work consistently, productively, and without complaints. They don't get sick, pregnant, or need to stay home because the public schools are closed.

If you don't like automation, that's too bad. Because in every aspect of our lives, that is the future.


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Even farming is being "automated."

As someone who has worked vineyards before, I would never have thought it could be mechanized.
Not only do they now pick wine grapes via machines but even hand harvesting table grapes has automation.