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Intercom, noise canceling headphones


Has anyone found a good wireless noise canceling intercom set up? My Thiokol is pretty noisy, not so bad you can't talk, but you have to talk loud. I imagine operating for several hours could be fatiguing, and lead to hearing loss. I have an old aircraft headset set but it is old, has a wire that gets in the way, they're bulky, and kind of flaky. The motorcycle and snowmobile industry have gone a long way with helmet coms, but obviously we don't need a helmet, at least I hope most of us don't. I would like a setup that would have noise canceling headphones, wireless intercom, an additional plus would be music, and CB. Any input?


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I like fire-com. http://www.firecom.com/ wired, wireless. radio interfaces, noise cancelling hearing protection.... And like most things you want for a snowcat, expensive. Occasionally you can find the wired ones on the used market, but haven't seen any wireless so far.


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At this point, Wireless and Ultimate quality of Noise Cancellation is a bit of a misnomer. If you want one, you miss out on the other. Truly. Although, it can be achieved at a lower level of accomplishment, it is not all that you can achieve without a wired connection.

In my most humble opinion and although it may or may not be in your price range, this is simple the best.



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